Meet some of our sisters who each share a unique love for chapter, and their experiences being in Alpha Phi... 




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“I registered for recruitment hoping to find a sense of community and to try and make some connections, which can be difficult at a school as big as UBC, especially with last year being online. Almost immediately I was drawn to Alpha Phi, every conversation during recruitment left a lasting impression as everyone made me feel so welcomed, and I could really see how empowered, ambitious and fun-loving all the Aphi girls truly are. I knew I had found my home and my future sisters🤍.


Whether it was zoom group study sessions or FaceTime calls with the girls, my time thus far at Aphi has made remote learning feel so much more personal and I’m so grateful I had my sisters by my side throughout my first year. Being a part of Aphi has surpassed any expectations I initially had going in, and this incredible group of women continue to support and inspire me with all my endeavours at UBC!🤍”

eva & lucy

 Moulton        Morgan

"The moment I found out Lucy was my twin and Rebe was our amazing Big I was so happy, and immediately our little inseparable family was born! Coming from Australia I didn’t know many people at UBC, but Alpha Phi allowed me to meet so many amazing girls and Lucy who is now my roommate and my best friend all in one! Honestly, you’ll rarely catch us apart. I adore my twin and I couldn’t imagine life without her by my side!" - Eva Moulton

"When I first started attending UBC, the thought of joining a sorority never even crossed my mind; I’m now going into my third year and I can’t imagine not having Eva and our big Rebe by my side! Alpha Phi has introduced me to so many kind, funny, and genuinely cool girls, and I’m so happy to be receiving so much love and support from Eva and all my sisters!" - Lucy Morgan

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"Alpha Phi has forever given me a support system made of some of the most empowering, driven, intelligent, and loving girls I have ever known. Growing up in international cities, I have had the opportunity to meet many people, but the women I have had the pleasure of knowing and calling my sisters in Alpha Phi truly stand out. When I decided to join recruitment, I was excited at the possibility of finding 'my people', a group that would support me, celebrate my accomplishments, support my falls, and mostly have the most unconditional love for one another, and that is exactly what I found in Alpha Phi.

I never imagined a year later I would have so many incredible best friends and sisters that would continue to make my UBC experience one I could have only have dreamt of. The endless opportunities to be a leader and build the confidence that prepares me for life, I thank all of the women in Alpha Phi for showing me how strong and great I can be. Alpha Phi is a place that diverse women can come together with one shared message - sisterhood, and I am so lucky to be in such a genuine and supportive chapter." 



kasey & alana

 Tewes              Hodgson

"I met Kasey in my first week living in residence at UBC and I was so happy when I found out we were both rushing! Kasey cares so deeply about all her friends and is always ready to listen when you need someone to talk to. She is also one of the most hard-working people I know; keeping up with all her classes at Sauder, taking on a role as Director of COB within Alpha Phi, and also finding time to work. My UBC experience definitely would not be the same without our middle-of-the-night drives or joining virtual chapter meetings together every Wednesday. Overall, Alpha Phi is home to some of the coolest and kindest girls I know and I feel so lucky I get to be a part of such an amazing group!" - Alana

"Alana was my first friend on campus so when we both decided to join UBC sororities and ended up getting our bids from Alpha Phi together it was truly an exciting moment! When I was a little overwhelmed with all of the huge changes that had just taken place in my life, Alana really helped make UBC feel like somewhere I’d like to be, I am so so grateful to have met her. Beautiful friends like Alana, and all of the girls in chapter have since made Vancouver, UBC, and Alpha Phi feel like home, and now I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else but here!" - Kasey

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