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Featured Phi: Sydney Robertson

What inspired you to start your business?

I started my business for a lot of

reasons, I grew up with a dad who had started his own company when he was younger so I definitely knew it was possible. Also after graduating high school, I harnessed the momentum I had as I realized that everything I do from here on out is for myself and there is no one telling me what I have to do. I took that drive and desire to learn how to run a business and combined it with a hobby I love to create All Heart Cosmetics.

What does being in Alpha Phi mean to you?

It means not feeling so lost in First Year! Being in Alpha Phi means having a support system while I go through university and having a community that all cares for one another.

How do you balance school, Alpha Phi and All Heart Cosmetics?

It's not easy! I would say number one thing is no binge-watching Netflix! In all actuality, one thing I do is really organize my time and recognize when I have the free time through scheduling. A lot of the time we have more spare time than we think.

What are your future goals?

I've got lots of those! In general, I would love to grow my business a lot more, and that comes with a lot of learning and creativity in how I will do that. I also hope to run a feminine hygiene drive sometime this year to help out women in need. Finally, I really hope to hone in on my photography and videography skills which is another activity I'm passionate about.

Visit her website at and follow her on instagram @allheartcosmetics!


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