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Letter from the President:

Aoife Tighe

When you have one hundred women going through similar experiences, it creates an incredible bond. Alpha Phi has been my constant during a time of uncertainty. The women in this organization have not only become my best friends, but they are also my motivators, my role models, and my support system. In Alpha Phi, I found a community of inspiring women, encouraging me to succeed in leadership, scholarship, and philanthropy.


Alpha Phi was founded in 1872 on the basis of women supporting women, which still stands as an important facet of our organization. Today Alpha Phi has four core values: generosity, sisterhood, character development and innovation. These values have helped the women in our chapter make incredible bonds, drive us to be better scholars, highlight the importance of helping others in the community, and promote creativity. These values promote the development of strong and confident women who will make our world a better place in whatever life path they choose.


Joining Alpha Phi three years ago, I never thought becoming President would be something I’d be capable of, and I think that shows the unbelievable growth you experience in this Chapter. I’m grateful every day for the memories I’ve made while in APhi, and I can’t wait to see more women find their home here.


Our Values


Sisterhood is a bond rooted in kindness, love, and mutual respect. Members form lifelong friendships that encourage, inspire, and empower them. "Watchcare" is the cornerstone of this lifelong friendship, a promise to vigilantly support each other through good times and bad.


Alpha Phis show their commitment to bettering the world through action in their daily lives. Sisters offer their time, talents and compassion by volunteering in their communities. Members kind-heartedly contribute to their sisters and peers, living the motto “hand to hand and heart to heart.” Alpha Phis embrace philanthropy by supporting Alpha Phi Foundation and raising awareness surrounding women’s heart health. Alpha Phis show the philanthropic spirit of love and charity, while working to better their communities. Members are dedicated to supporting those in need.


Innovation has been a crucial part of Alpha Phi since it's founding. Alpha Phi itself and its members thrive to achieve innovation. Members of Alpha Phi work hard in making a positive change throughout the worlds they live in.​


Strong character and integrity are at the core of Alpha Phi membership. Sisters thrive on challenges and celebrate successes. We are strong-minded, empowered women who take responsibility for our actions and learn to lead through example. We set expectations high for ourselves and for each other, and strive diligently to meet them.

2020 Executive Council


Aoife Tighe

Chapter President 

Hometown: Prince Rupert, BC

Year at UBC: Fourth

Year in Alpha Phi: Fourth

Major: Gender, Race, Sexuality & SJ


Mélanie Magerstadt

VP Health, Wellness & Accountability 

Caroline Sinclair

VP Recruitment 

Hometown: Zug, Switzerland

Year at UBC: Third

Year in Alpha Phi: Second

Major: Neuroscience & Philosophy

Hometown: Laguna Beach, California

Year at UBC: Second

Year in Alpha Phi: Second

Major: Bachelors and Masters of Management


Carissa Joseph

VP Member Education and Programming 

Hometown: Langley, BC

Year at UBC: Fourth

Year in Alpha Phi: Second

Major: Human Psychology


Rebe López

VP Marketing 

Meris Mcarthur

VP Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico

Year at UBC: Fourth

Year in Alpha Phi: Fourth

Major: Art History 

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Year at UBC: Third

Year in Alpha Phi: Third

Major: Sociology 


Danique Ehmann

VP Finance

Caitlin Stephenson

Executive Administrator 

Hometown: Gouda, Holland

Year at UBC: Third

Year in Alpha Phi: Second
Major: Global Supply Chain, Logistics Management and Marketing

Hometown: Richmond, BC

Year at UBC: Third

Year in Alpha Phi: Second

Major: English Language and Literature


Kelsey Leung

Panhellenic Delegate 

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Year at UBC: Third

Year in Alpha Phi: Third

Major: Applied Animal Biology

Chapter Recruitment 


Formal Recruitment

UBC Sororities Formal Recruitment happens in late September. If you are at all interested in joining a sorority or curious about sorority life, reach out to any Greek woman. We encourage anyone interested to register and go through the recruitment process, where you will be able to meet amazing women from each of UBC's eight sororities. To find out more about Formal Recruitment, visit


Joining Alpha Phi

When you join Alpha Phi, one of the oldest and largest women's fraternities, you join a worldwide network of over 165 collegiate chapters, 135 alumnae chapters and 195, 000 sisters! Membership in Alpha Phi opens the door to new and exciting opportunities during college and beyond.

Sisters share a commitment to excellence and a strong desire to help one another and their communities. Alpha Phis are leaders, scholars, contributors and lifetime members of a sisterhood that values these traits. 

Past Recruitment Videos
Video by Tamas McGillivray
Video by Tamas McGillivray

Our Philanthropy 

The Alpha Phi Foundation was created in 1956 to support our international philanthropic cause: Women's Heart Health. Heart disease is the #1 killer of women in North America , and affects one in three adult women, making it close to our hearts. 

Video by Tamas McGillivray

In addition to the Alpha Phi Foundation, we also contribute to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.


Throughout the month of February - Heart Health month - we host 'Phibruary' where members of other sororities and fraternities compete to raise the most money. The week culminates in our biggest philanthropy event of the year - The Dating Game! 


We also host a philanthropy event in the fall called 'Mac and Phis' where we cook and serve delicious mac and cheese that we sell to the UBC community buffet style! 


Aside from our chapters philanthropies we also take part in volunteer opportunities in and around Vancouver with various organizations! 

To learn more about the ways we give back visit!

Dating Game Images
Mac and Phis Images